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39Leeds Leisure lettings in 35 months ....and still going strong

Leeds continues to compete very successfully with Manchester for leisure property demand, with 39 deals having been concluded in Leeds alone by Pudney Shuttleworth in the last 35 months. Richard Shuttleworth commented " following the completion of our recent lettings to Tattu, Manahatta, Chilango and 200 Degrees Coffee, along with the recent opening of Victoria Gate, Leeds goes from strength to strength. We have never seen demand like this in my 25 years of working in the Leeds property market and with over 160 established independent and multiple occupiers currently on our books looking to secure a foothold in Leeds, there is currently no sign of this demand abating. Rents have been rising for the more prime units, with some of the latest lettings topping £50 psf. Transactions have been varied, from Bikram Yoga, to cocktail bars, restaurants and trampoline parks. Unlike shopping, leisure uses are much more difficult to replicate online, as people will always want to meet friends, family and colleagues for coffees, drinks and meals out - we are therefore confident this market will continue to prosper in the long term".

Contact: Richard Shuttleworth

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